Electrical Inspectors


With over 35 years of experience in the industry, the range and quality of electrical services Afos
Group offers are second to none. Our staff are constantly training in the very latest technologies and
techniques to ensure the full safety and efficiency of any service you may require from us.

Afos Group specialises in contracting all domestic, commercial, and industrial installations from a
kitchen refurbishment to a block of new build houses, commercial shop units or a large Electrical
installation condition report on a factory. We can offer a wide range of pre-planned maintenance
works or just reactive works in the event of an emergency.

Afos Group are proud to offer works in both the domestic and commercial sector of electrical
services including but not limited to:

Electrical Circuit


Identifying and solving electrical issues and improvements in the home can be daunting. You may be in need of a full re-wire in an older house, a simple repair, or an update to your lifestyle with smart home features. Afos Group have a wealth of experience with helping homeowners to update and improve their domestic electrics whilst being trustworthy and transparent about necessity and pricing.


Full re-wires, additional power sockets (both indoor and out), new lighting systems, smart home installations and electrical repairs are just some of the many services we offer for domestic maintenance and additions.

Testing the electricals in your property or business is an important part of ensuring your safety, and possibly that of your employees/tenants. An Electrical Inspection Condition Report will test for a variety of faults throughout the building that cause an electrical fire or shock. Upon completion of testing, you will be presented with a certificate detailing if there are any dangerous or sub-standard electrical issues. Once remedied, you will receive an EICR Certificate of Safety.

Often when buying or selling a property electrical testing is required, however if you have a lettings property or business electrical testing should take place every five years, for your own home every ten years should suffice according to the IET Wiring Regulations.


Let Afos Group take care of your test and inspection - and your peace of mind.

Modern Building


Led Lamp


Looking to reduce your impact on the environment and save yourself money? LED lights are a brilliant place to start. LEDs are uber-efficient, consuming up to 90% less energy than typical bulbs and with a lifespan of up to 25 years. Whilst the initial outlay for installation and new bulbs will set you back more than traditional bulbs, the increased energy efficiency could reduce your household bills by up to a quarter! Additionally, you’ll be buying bulbs a lot less often.

With their increased popularity there are a huge range of LED bulbs on offer, including those suitable for retrofitting and like for like matching. LED light bulbs are also routinely recyclable.

Our team are available for LED conversions across homes, commercial premises and let properties.

Maintaining your work environment is key to is efficiency and longevity, it also reduces the likelihood of serious faults and repairs. By pre-planning maintenance and reducing your reactive maintenance, incurred costs and levels of inconvenience experienced by your staff and customers can be greatly reduced.

Afos Group provide customised maintenance schedules to commercial premises consisting of a range of elements: A tailored schedule of works consisting of testing and inspections, management of your energy including heating and air conditioning, electrical systems maintenance, life safety systems, lifts services and more. All works are undertaken with the health and safety of both your staff and ours at the forefront, as well as with as little disruption to your premises and employees as possible.

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